My review: Fuji X-T1 vs the Nikon Df

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Re: "Have you tried switching lenses?"

sgoldswo wrote:

Without wanting to intervene in this argument, there was a running theme on the M43s forums of people explaining how they felt liberated by the shift from, say, a D700 and nikon's trinity of F2.8 zooms to an E-M5 with small primes mounted. It just isn't a fair comparison, hence why I suggested different lenses to make the comparison fairer. I think the 35mm vs 50mm comparison is a good one. Another alternative would be the Fujifilm 23 F1.4 against the new Nikon 35mm F1.8G.

The first thing I say to people when they say they want to switch bodies is "have you tried switching lenses?"

Good point.

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