Zuiko 300mm f2.8+EC14+E-M1

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Re: Zuiko 300mm f2.8+EC14+E-M1

Thanks so much for your reply!

Nice work! And successful field craft to find these & get close enough.  Are you in the PNW?  I'm in Eugene, OR.

As others have said, getting close produces better photos and thats my preference too. But bodies of water, deep snow & high nesting sites make close approaches all but impossible.  On a trip to Yellowstone, struggled hard to get close to wolves.  Got close to lots of other things & one day had a wolf come trotting up w/in 50 yards & howl for 5 minutes!  Rest of the time, they were distant brown lumps on the snow.

This would be my most expensive lens ever so I'd like to have  confidence it will perform. So hope you will help w/ some questions.

So, can you comment on speed & accuracy of the AF on the combo? Think its up to the challenge of BIF on the E-M1?  I'd be happy w/ a keeper rate >50%.

Your images look sharp. Have you done any PP?  I'm trying out several old MF 400mm lenses in preparation for the 2017 solar eclipse.  Based on what I'm seeing here, I could sell them & use this instead.

The EXIF says F4. Is that the physical lens setting or the effective aperture?

Do you see much IQ degradation when using the TC14 w/ the lens wide open?

I see only a tiny amount of OOF fringing on the highlight on the branch of the 1st image. Terrific performance.  Did you do any PP to remove this?

I've seen several comments about the rattlesnaking sound you get from the lens. Don't recall which one but a setting on the E-M1 is supposed to stop that. If memory serves, there is concern that prolonged clicking might be hard on the AF motor.

Thanks again.

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