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sale on Bitdefender Total Security, 3 PCs, 2 years, $9.95

Note that I have no relationship of any kind with Bitdefender (or newegg, the vendor that has a good sale price on it now), other than I'm a customer.

But, this deal is so good, I figured I'd share it if anyone else is looking for an antivirus product or needs to renew the one they're using.

Basically, I've been using Bitdefender Free for a while now (since I got a Dell XPS 8500 with Win 8 on it late last year), combined with Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit BETA (which has just gone to production versus beta status), and that combo has worked well for me.

But, has a good sale on Bitdefender Total Security (their most full featured version of Bitdefender) for $9.95 right now for 3 PCs for 2 years using a promo code. You'll see it on this specials page if you scroll down to the section with AV software:

I stay on the mailing list for promotions, and they have some really good deals from time to time, like this one that "caught my eye".

Basically, it's a downloadable version of it, and they send you an e-mail with a download link and an activation code after you purchase it. So, keep track of the download and code for use on up to 3 PCs for 2 years.

If you buy it directly from Bitdefender, it's $79.94 right now:

So, $9.95 is a really good deal for it (their top of the line product covering 3 PCs for 2 years).

It rates consistently high in tests from reputable independent labs. For example, see the latest real world test graphs at here:

If you sort by Value, you'll see it blocked 100% of threats in the latest tests.

You can see a hard copy here:

Or, look at the latest test results from (another very reputable lab) here (where it also blocked 100% of known and zero day threats in their latest trials, with very little impact on system performance):[type]=3

More products in the list here (and you can click on the Protection Column title to see them sorted that way):[type]=3

Basically, Bitdefender consistently ranks at or near the top of most reputable lab tests for protection, performance and more. So, for only $9.95 covering 3 PCs for 2 years, I decided to go ahead and purchase it, given the deal has on it right now using a promo code, versus continuing to use the free version of Bitdefender (which has fewer features).

I'd also suggest using Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit along with it, as it uses heuristics versus signatures to block exploits you may find trying to attack your system when browsing the web, as no AV product is good enough to stop everything, and it's another layer of protection. I've been using the BETA version of it for a while, and it's blocked exploit attempts against Flash Player before for me.

See some discussion of Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit in this recent thread:

I use Linux versus Windows most of the time. But, I've got Windows on several machines now, too; and it gets used for some things (testing of camera manufacturers' software, testing reported issues with Internet Explorer for forums that I'm an admin for, etc.). So, when I use Windows, I want to make sure I have good Antivirus Protection running (although none of them are going to stop everything, you can reduce your risk by using better products like those).

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