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Lin Evans
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Absolutely - exactly the way I see it...


You are precisely correct in my opinion. "Premature" is putting it mildly. And I also agree that there is insufficient data yet to make the grandiose conclusions presented. It's beginning to sound like an agenda rather than simple observations; rathr a sledge hammer approach to introduce FUD into this launch.

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richard stone wrote:


Despite the difficulty presented by your incoherent and wordy posts, it seems like you are trying to say the D800 is better than the Sigma quattro. Maybe it is. Maybe.

But not because of anything you have written.

If the D800 is better, it is because of the hard work of the Nikon people, in designing and building and (yes!) marketing the camera. Still, the Nikon does not appear to represent anything more than a brute force application of Bayer technology, for which the buyer pays dearly. The D800 does not appear to really be anything new.

Now, if you like the D800, buy one or, if you have one, use it.

Although we have not even had a known person give a report on using the quattro, or seen the best that the camera can do, you have already given your judgment. It seems too early... or we could say: Premature. Hasty. Ill-considered. Etc. This alone will make people question your judgment.

Worse though is that you seem to believe, or hope, that the more you write, the more the reader will be convinced, but the reverse is more likely the case. When I (try to...) read your posts, and those many words, I doubt your ability to clearly and properly consider and analyze the issues and the disparate markets and purposes of these cameras. Not to mention the images.


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