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Re: I uploaded the samples to my Onedrive cloud

Johan Borg wrote:

Usee wrote:

Johan Borg wrote:

The files also behave very well if you increase saturation, with less chroma noise and less desaturation in shadows compared with a DP2M. A significant improvement if these photos are representative

This may be, but they are already processed files,

The official samples had gone through Photoshop, we have no idea how severely they may have been pushed. I doubt these have seen any post-processing at all and regardless of how much I push them, it's hard to provoke any questionable noise.

So, with opposite assumptions, my conclusion is the opposite of yours: Noise is rather well controlled in the Quattro.

Then, you can probably also answer, why Sigma should exaggerate noise with Photoshop,

within their own (marketing) samples?

...and why use they Photoshop in first place, if the OOC JPG are better?

This is not that plausible (if it is not a Sigma special merketing trick... ), or?

Therefore my conclusion.


Your conclusion is also valid, but not that probable...

...this is, why I still chose my conclusion...


However, if you consider (funny) political reasons, then, your conclusion may be the better one.

The only thing I can conclude is that the metering of the DP2Q prototype was a bit on the bright side since it needed to be dialed back a third of a stop in order to select the 1/4s shutter speed.

As I already hinted in my post:

The longer exposure including the exposure correction (in conjunction with about the same midtone level) results in a ISO difference of factor two - ISO 200 setting within the DP2Q corresponds to the ISO 100 setting within the D800.

Again: The exposure correction doesn't say anything about the sensor, only the evaluative metering algorithm. The difference between 1/4 and 1/6 is interesting enough, but you cannot simply add another third of a stop because metering said so. It makes absolutely no sense.

I have to, because the metering would result in 0,3 s, without the metering correction, which reduces the exposure time to 1/4 (see the considerably darker shadows in the DP2Q picture)...

...thus it has factor two, in regard of the 1/6 s of the D800.

You are right, though, the contrast curve is different and without a controlled environment it is fruitless to compare sensitivity, which is why I would rather trust Nikon and Sigma to have a similar understanding of ISO rather than jump to conclusions.

Now, the problem is, that you can only trust Nikon OR Sigma in this case...

...and for Nikon, we have the values from DxOmark:

...they show, that ISO 100 (manufacturer) corresponds to ISO 72 (measured ISO)...

...that could mean, that the DP2Q "ISO 100" is below ISO 50.


However, we have to have the RAWs from the DP2Q, for final conclusions...

...but at the moment, it looks like noise at low ISO.


Maybe the ISO 100 setting of the Merrill corresponds to the ISO 200 setting of the DP2Q?

Everything is possible and I'm curious to see, what a DP2M and DP2Q owner will see,

if he performs a ISO test.

...what if the shutter speed is identical if the ISO setting isn't?

...what if the DP2Q noise is the same or higher than that of the DP2M, at the same exposure time?


We will see, and I hope that the Quattro will be further optimized, because it seems, that this approach has the least artifacts so far.

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