Bragging about our expensive mirrorless/DSLR vs a point and shoot

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Re: Bragging about our expensive mirrorless/DSLR vs a point and shoot

Think about your "expensive" mirrorless as you would a Ferrari. Yes, it looks great, but if you don't know how to drive it, you'll end up looking like a fool. A good P&S is like a luxury sedan. Easy to drive, everyone is comfortable, and you never have to worry about speed bumps. If you're going to buy a Ferrari, it's best to learn how, when, and where to drive it. Same thing with your XE1.

With just the camera a few simple tricks would have allowed you to milk out a much better image. Your settings were just fine. Your were limited by your flash sync speed, so ISO200, f18, 1/250 will get the job done. Your flash wasn't giving you enough fill, so take a step or two closer and take a wider shot. The closer you are, the more powerful your flash becomes.

You can also change your positioning. The light is coming a bit from behind but also from right. So instead of having your subjects backlit and facing you dead on with the ocean in the background, have them face more towards the sun. You come up to the rail and frame your shot with your subjects on the right and the beach going off into the distance on the left. Use your flash for a little fill and you're good to go.

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