Which refillable cartridges for Epson 3880

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Some reasons

I'm guessing your question was not so much a question but an intent to stimulate discussion since most of these points have been covered by more knowledgeable people than myself.

In any event, I always hope that the printer manufacturers monitor these forums and take our comments seriously (I know, you can stop laughing now) so I value any opportunity to make a few comments.

I need refillable cartridges because none of the printer manufacturers make a strictly black and white printer.  B&W has always been a shortcoming of digital printing and while things are improving, none of them can match the capabilities of a true black and white printer.  This is admittedly a small market but one that has few other options and I would appreciate it if the printer companies would work with the innovators such as Jon Cone rather than making it increasingly difficult for users like myself to pursue this niche.  As an aside, I'd like to recognize Mr. Cone for his groundbreaking innovation and longstanding commitment to the field of black and white printing with his piezography inksets.

I don't, but many users want CIS systems.  To my knowledge, these are not generally supported by the manufacturers (at least in the printers that I can afford) and I don't believe you can buy their ink in bulk to supply them.

In my case, it was the printer, not the ink, that determined my buying decision.  By that I mean that I needed 17x22 pigment so I ended up choosing an Epson 3880.  I didn't say "I need Epson K3 inks so I'll buy a 3880 so I can use them".  Much as I'm sure they're fine inks, that's not why I bought the printer - I bought it because it was the best option given my selection criteria.  Aftermarket inks give users options especially if they don't need what the OEM inks promise.  There are some very fine inks out there.

I personally resent a business model that uses warranty threats and chip technology to force me to buy their consumables - I already bought their printer.  I know that ink is where they make their money but you and I are the losers there and I don't think it's clear that their price premium is warranted.  I understand the US has taken steps to address the warranty issue there but unfortunately, Canada is not so progressive and the printer companies aren't volunteering.

I'm sure I missed something but hopefully others will point them out.



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