Sony's new curved sensor - this is a big deal

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Filter stack on digital sensors

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There was a thread somewhere on this site that had a link to some testing site that pretty much stated that most "Film Era" legacy lenses were pretty bad performers on modern day digital cameras. And they had tons of example pictures and lenses they tested. And most has to do to to the rear lens element on old stuff. Even coating and amazingly the thickness of the glass in front of the sensor. I remember a Leica sensor has a 1mm thick glass and m4/3 has 4mm glass in front. The thicker the glass the worse old lenses do. YMMV.

One of the issues is that digital sensors (or the IR / anti aliasing filters mounted on the surface of the sensor) tend to be very reflective. So lenses designed for digital, as opposed to film, often have a rear element and/or baffling which is designed to prevent reflected light from the sensor being directed back into the lens which causes flare or a loss of contrast.

But I think you may have got your measurements wrong (a missing decimal point perhaps?) in your comment "I remember a Leica sensor has a 1mm thick glass and m4/3 has 4mm glass in front."

Roger Cicala of Lensrentals blogged about this.

DPR thread here.  Around 1mm for Leica and 4 mm for m4/2 is what was reported, along with a set of MTF measurements.


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