Anyone here have the Panasonic GH4 and 100-300mm lens?

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Re: Anyone here have the Panasonic GH4 and 100-300mm lens?

PC Wheeler wrote:

Fredrik Glckner wrote:

In my experience, the GH4 in combination with the 100-300mm lens is slower to focus than with the GH3, especially in the long end around 300mm.

With the GH4, this lens is downright frustrating to use.


That's a surprise. Mine works a bit better with the GH4 than the GH3 -- not great with either one but so far never frustrating. I'll use my 100-300 without hesitation when the distance warrants.

I seem to get about 4 fps with Medium burst mode. 14-140 II and 35-100 are both able operate at full medium rate.

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I haven't done a back-to-back comparison (sold my GH3) but I don't notice any difference.  The lens is fine using AF-S.  It just doesn't work well with AF-C.

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