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Re: Hmm, excitement?

Stacey_K wrote:

I just bought a D800 and honestly, I'm done being the early adopter of stuff like this. I never get a new computer OS until at least SP-2 has been released. Same with cameras, I wait till they have gotten the bugs out of production and the firmware before I am interested.

I agree completely.   Just look at the D600 / D610 situation as a very recent example.

I think the upgrades will be fine for somebody with a D7000/D7100 (or similar) looking to upgrade to an FX camera, but for my part, I have ZERO interest in upgrading my D800, which I just bought a few months ago myself.

The other thing I find, and your mileage may vary, I still use my D700 for different jobs.  Yes, image quality is far better on the D800, and I am very happy to have it, but some days, some situations, some jobs, the old D700 "workhorse" just is still better camera to use.

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