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Re: Feel the excitement: D810

Bing Chow wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

rubank wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

  • sRAW

This is what a lot of people have been asking for.

I wonder why. I really do.

Because for some types of shooting full 36 MP is completely pointless. For example indoor sports where all your shots are ISO 3200+, 36 MP will just give you many MB of noise. 12MP SRAW taking 1/3 the card space and triple buffer space is much more sensible

Not if your lens are not long enough and you need to crop. Also, 36MP gives compositional options in post. I don't necessarily want the subject in the centre. Using off centre autofocus point requires that you move them around and the speed of the action may not allow for that. I am not a pro so I don't have 2 bodies or exotic teles that give me such an advantage.

You are not reading what you quoted properly. Did you see the sentence:

“where all your shots are ISO 3200+“

At iso 3200+ there is no extra detail, thus there is no extra cropping or composition headroom.

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