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hockey guy wrote:

Could you give me an example of how/when you use the My Sets?



I leave the M (manual) and S (shutter speed autu exposure) unassigned so that they retain the last setting when powered on or woken.

The A (aperture priority auto-exposure) I assign Myset 1 to. This uses A mode still with base ISO no IS no EC and in single shot mode plus any other settings that apply to tripod work.

I never used P (program) so I made this into another A mode position but with auto ISO and normal IS - suitable for casual hand held work.

I don't use the scene modes so i assigned Myset 3 to this dial position. It is now yet another A mode position similar to the A position but with auto exposure bracketing and high speed drive mode for taking rapid (if the shutter speed allows) sequences of bracketed shots which I often do when shooting scenes with a high dynamic range. In effect I switch bracketing on and off by switching between SCN and A on the mode dial.

The ART filter position is assigned myset 4 which is shutter priority with auto ISO, zero EC and continuous drive mode and a default shutter speed of 1/1000 for shooting fast moveing subjects. I can set the S position for a different shutter speed (faster or slower) and switch between the two. I often change the shutter speed in this myset to suite a particular subject when I know in advance what I might want. This is not my first choice camera for action though. I will use a DSLR for action whenever possible, but if I am trekking I don't want to carry two DSLRs, one with a heavy telephoto lens mounted, so I take a couple of E-PL5s One with a wide angle and one with a long lens for wildlife.

I left the full auto as it was for when I might hand the camera to a non photographer. Not that its ever been used though.

All the mysets have small AF area selected, the video button set up as AF-ON and the f button toggling manual focus on and off.

Any mode dial position that has a my set assigned gets things like EC reset at each. This avoids forgetting that you set something and taking a one chance shot with unwanted compensation or a high ISO etc. The down side is that any changes you make in these modes get reset each time the camera sleeps and is woken, but on balance I find this feature to be really useful.

My settings won't suit every one though. So please don't take these as any kind of recommendation. They are just setups that I find useful for the types of shooting that I do with this camera. For example some people like the ART filters and wish to use them and so would not like to completely loose that feature as I have (not gone forever because the myset can be unassigned).



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