The FZ1000 replaces the FZ8, FZ200, FZ70!!!!!

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Re: Reach is King, in the land of the superzoom

Hatstand wrote:

I generally agree that FZ1000 is not a replacement for the FZ200.

It seems to me, they started with the 1" 20MP sensor, and then designed/built the FZ1000 around it.

And what is the point of a 1" sensor? Isn't it purely, better image quality than smaller sensors? Better dynamic range and lower noise?


More image quality is great of course. But I contend that image quality is not the #1 priority for anyone who buys/uses a "proper" superzoom. Reach is #1 !

The "superzoom" category started out with lower reach than the FZ1000 is capable of - be that optical or cropped. What's "proper" is debatable as is your assumption that reach is #1 for everybody.

Did we not all deliberately sacrifice a huge chunk of IQ, to get more reach?!

We had no choice and - if you're honest - you'd admit that you'd prefer the IQ afforded by the 1" sensor if it fit into the FZ200 over its [somewhat limited] pinhead sensor.

So I am sceptical that the FZ1000 is aimed at the traditional supezoom market. It seems to me, it fills a gap in the market for DSLR-type owners who'd like a "smaller/lighter" lens with "long" reach, and "reasonable" IQ from a sensor that is not "pinhead" sized. As such, it doesn't replace the FZ200, or any other half-decent superzoom.

Of course - because it's not! Even Panasonic makes no such claim for the FZ1000 as there's no mention of or even inference to the word "superzoom" in their press releases thus far - only that it's the best bridge camera to date. Note that the FZ moniker has always been associated with bridge cameras, but not necessarily superzoom cameras. The only mention of the word "super" in Panasonics press release is this: Super-fast LUMIX DFD Focusing Technology

Panasonic FZ1000 Press Release

That press release begins with:

Panasonic announced today the new LUMIX DMC-FZ1000 (FZ1000) -- the world’s first digital compact camera to offer 4K video recording capability*. The FZ1000 boasts a one-inch, High Sensitivity MOS Sensor and 4K video recording capability. The latest member of the popular LUMIX FZ series, the FZ1000 will be available at and select channel partners in late July with an MSRP of $899.99.

As noted the FZ is a series of bridge cameras, not necessarily limited to the longest-reaching aspects of the superzoom world. It's been the press and those in these forums that have elevated the FZ1000 to superzoom status.

Not saying I won't buy one, heheh But it's not a straight-forward decision for me... I already have a Stylus 1 which wins on size... and FZ200 + TC which wins on reach. FZ1000 needs to win on a lot more than just IQ, or my wallet stays in my pocket...!

Of course the FZ200 wins on reach - and Panasonic clearly wants it that way! We all agree the FZ1000 is not intended to replace the FZ200 - the insistence that is should when it's clearly not meant to be only reinforces that the improved sensor/IQ of a holy grail than pure reach. We all need to stop putting a square peg in a round hole!

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