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Re: I uploaded the samples to my Onedrive cloud

Johan Borg wrote:

Usee wrote:

Those examples seem to be OOC JPG and in this regard they are in my opinion in the expected ball park (which means: very good for APS-C OOC JPG)...

...except of the ISO 200 leaf (SDIM0016.jpg)... is already soft (probably due to noise reduction, if there is no focus error)...

On the contrary: Comparing the noise in that file with OOC JPEGs from my DP2M it appears that Sigma has either greatly improved its in-camera noise reduction or the sensor is good enough that they don't have to apply as much of it anymore (the noise is very fine-grained and natural with no signs of banding).

Yes, in comparison to the DP2M,

but I wrote in general:

"in my opinion in the expected ball park (which means: very good for APS-C OOC JPG)..."

The JPG engine is improved in comparison to the former Sigmas - no question,

but (as I already wrote) the ISO 200 (ISO 100 equivalent) leaf (SDIM0016.jpg) is nothing special - especially for low ISO, if compared with other (non Sigma) cameras.

The files also behave very well if you increase saturation, with less chroma noise and less desaturation in shadows compared with a DP2M. A significant improvement if these photos are representative

This may be, but they are already processed files,

so, if there is noise, like in the former Quattro samples, we know, that there is noise and that there was noise..., we only know, that it is possible to lower that noise to a degree that makes it not that obvious, which is a good sign, but no sign, that there is a lower noise floor from the beginning.

...and we have to remember that this is ISO 100 (D800) equivalent:

I don't see any such equivalence given that the Sigma photo in the comparison clearly had brighter highlights as expected from the slightly longer exposure.

If your conclusion were true, why are the shadows of the Sigma photo darker?

They should also be brighter, if your conclusion (with the longer exposure) would be correct - no?

The contrast in the Sigma photo was pushed more than in the D800 photo...

...this is why the highlights are brighter AND the shadows are darker - not because of the longer exposure!

The only thing I can conclude is that the metering of the DP2Q prototype was a bit on the bright side since it needed to be dialed back a third of a stop in order to select the 1/4s shutter speed.

As I already hinted in my post:

The longer exposure including the exposure correction (in conjunction with about the same midtone level) results in a ISO difference of factor two - ISO 200 setting within the DP2Q corresponds to the ISO 100 setting within the D800.

The SDIM0016.jpg was also dialed back a full stop. Personally I probably would have shot this a stop brighter and pulled it back in SPP, gaining a full stop of noise, especially knowing that the Quattro has more highlight headroom than Merrill (native ISO 100 vs 200).

Oh dear...

...that doesn't affect the real ISO sensitivity of the camera - or?

An example to that problematic:

or here:

please view the according hint in the gallery!

For a valid comparison you have to use the same aperture setting (preferably with the same OEM lens), the same shutter speed and of course the same scene with the very same light...

...and a normalized contrast curve (the same values for the grey patches of a color checker chart or smth.).

Otherwise you just shift the dynamic range, the ISO numbers, the brightness etc.,

without a common base...

...which is simply fruitless.

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