Whay the samsung NX series are not famous

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Re: Whay the samsung NX series are not famous

IMO, to become a "famous" brand, you must appeal to pro's, who set the standards of what is exceptional. The question then becomes: What do pro's like?
- Durability

- a nice selection of 'fast, sharp' lenses

- great autofocus

- EVF or viewfinder, and rear screen

but to me, one of the most important things is a consistent and comprehensive menu. This is where brands like Samsung & Sony suffer. The options in their menus vary per model, and that's unnacceptable to a pro. Both Nikon & Canon always have very consistent and comprehensive menus, so if you like one model, you will be familiar with the menu and options in all models. We can sort of handle a few external buttons moving around, but we can't handle erratic menus where the features change (absent, or less options) or their location in the menu changes. Bracketing order comes to mind... some Samsung's have it, some don't, the same with Sony's... but all Canon's and Nikon's have it. And, in Samsung & Sony menus, the bracketing order ends up in a different part of the menu from the other bracketing options, which is counterintuitive, and unproductive. Something that little will keep me from buying a product.

This is an area where Samsung could easily exploit the market, but they would have to be very deliberarte about consistency and innovation in the firmware. They already have a good mechanical product, and they have shown a willingness and eagerness to engage in 21st century communication, device-compatibility tech. But what they are lacking is predictible consistency of menu options. For me, that alone can be a deal breaker.

I absolutely love what I get from my NX300... but my usage with it is very limited, because the menu restricts how I can use it. So does the lack of an EVF. On bright sunny days, I can't see what I'm doing, so I use my NEX-7 instead. A pro will not use a product that doesn't let him have confidence in what he's shooting. I love the wifi option in the NX300, but I can't control exposure while using wifi, therefore, the rate of "keepers" is less.
The reason I didn't upgrade to an NX30 is because it has many limitations too, but they are firmware/menu limitations.

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