The FZ1000 replaces the FZ8, FZ200, FZ70!!!!!

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Reach is King, in the land of the superzoom

I generally agree that FZ1000 is not a replacement for the FZ200.

It seems to me, they started with the 1" 20MP sensor, and then designed/built the FZ1000 around it.

And what is the point of a 1" sensor? Isn't it purely, better image quality than smaller sensors? Better dynamic range and lower noise?

More image quality is great of course. But I contend that image quality is not the #1 priority for anyone who buys/uses a "proper" superzoom. Reach is #1 ! Did we not all deliberately sacrifice a huge chunk of IQ, to get more reach?!

So I am sceptical that the FZ1000 is aimed at the traditional supezoom market. It seems to me, it fills a gap in the market for DSLR-type owners who'd like a "smaller/lighter" lens with "long" reach, and "reasonable" IQ from a sensor that is not "pinhead" sized. As such, it doesn't replace the FZ200, or any other half-decent superzoom.

Not saying I won't buy one, heheh But it's not a straight-forward decision for me... I already have a Stylus 1 which wins on size... and FZ200 + TC which wins on reach. FZ1000 needs to win on a lot more than just IQ, or my wallet stays in my pocket...!

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