The FZ1000 replaces the FZ8, FZ200, FZ70!!!!!

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FZ200 + TC weighs more than FZ1000

FZ200 with a decent teleconverter (Canon TC-DC58A, or Nikon TC-E17ED)... weighs significantly more (and is probably bigger), than the FZ1000.

So personally, I would not be that bothered about the size or weight.
What does bother me, is lack of reach.

It will just about match a bare FZ200 with it's built-in sensor crop (EZ extra optical zoom): Crop to 10 megapixels and it's 35mm - 560mm. OK, but nowhere near the reach of the FZ200 with a physical teleconverter.

In-camera sensor crop to 5MP and it's got 800mm reach. I could just about "make do" with 800mm, but 5MP images? I could work with 5MP... it's still way biggger than my computer screen, and it would print at the sizes I typically use... but that lens would have to be seriously PIN SHARP...!

Regardless of improved IQ, I just can't see it beating an FZ200 + TC combo for super zoom ratios. But I would LOVE to proven wrong!

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