Bragging about our expensive mirrorless/DSLR vs a point and shoot

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Re: Bragging about our expensive mirrorless/DSLR vs a point and shoot

Sonyshine wrote:

The more complex and capable the camera the more you have to learn to use it....

That applies to me as much as you!

I agree here, there are a few parameters in the EXIF as mentioned that show some opportunities for improvement. These cameras aren't designed for Auto mode like a point and shoot.

If it were me on the beach the first thing I would do is sit down and start taking pictures of other people.  Is the camera metering correctly in the bright scenario?  Probably not.  I would go to spot metering and AEL lock my meter on their skin tones.  Then you end up with a blown out background.  I would probably shoot bracketed shots +/-1 Ev to be safe and deal with them in post. I would go Av mode probably f8 in the bright sun, ISO should be bottomed out at 200.  Hopefully 1/4000th shutter would be enough to expose properly.  If not, I would pull a 2-3 stop ND filter from my small bag and shoot with it from there.

With the point and shoot, it is probably taking bracketed shots anyway and combining them in camera.

Here is what I have come to:

I take the X-T1 for serious stuff, landscapes, street where I need reach or fast reaction, studio portraits driving flash with triggers/softboxes etc.  When I am alone I take this camera.

When I am out with the family, I take my RX100.  It takes great shots, is pretty fast and has a great set of Auto/scene modes if I get lazy.  What I have learned is that when you go out with family (at least mine)  they don't want a photographer with them.  They do want to capture the memories, but they don't want me trying to make art lol.  They want me engaged in what is going on, not concentrating on my gear or special photos.

Hope this helps, it is a long journey and I feel like I am still at the bottom of the hill!

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