Crop Factor, Low Light and Aperture with m4/3 lenses? Part 2

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Re: Reply to Just another Canon shooter

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

knickerhawk wrote:

DXO 6D: 45.32

DXO Oly: 43.22

LR 6D: 40.55

LR Oly: 42.93

Lower Std. Dev. in LR for both cameras and the differences between DXO and LR is GREATER for the 6D than it is for the Oly. Hmmmmm...

It should be, the crops are not normalized to the same area. To normalize, you need to shrink the 6D ones about 14.5%. Then they will look smaller (because dpreview frames for the same height, not the same diagonal). I will leave the calculations for you, and you may very well discover that the 6D wins.

The fact that you think I need to normalize the results shows that you're missing the point. You claimed that Adobe is applying (greater) NR to the Oly but not the 6D. If that were the case you would expect to see a larger difference in std. dev. between the two Oly samples than you get for the two 6D samples. The opposite is the case. There's a minor lessening of deviation in the LR Oly patch relative the DXO Oly patch. There's a significant lessening of deviation for the LR 6D patch relative to the DXO 6D patch. If any conclusion is to be drawn from these patches, it's that LR is doing more NR manipulations with 6D files than it is with Oly files.

Did you follow the discussion so far? This is the noisiest color for the 6D.

Yes, I've followed with considerable interest the "evolution" of your argument in this thread.  I'll be interested to see where it evolves to next.

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