Feel the excitement: D810

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Re: Feel the excitement: D810

ultimitsu wrote:

hypercore360 wrote:


  • 36MP sensor
  • No low pass (AA) filter (just like the D800E, this time Nikon will only introduce one model without the AA filter)
  • Improved software to suppress moiré
  • Expeed 4 imaging processor (they may call it Expeed 4a)

Nothing exciting here

  • Higher resolution LCD screen
  • Built-in GPS
  • 5 fps (6fps with the MB-D12)
  • The new camera will be lighter (compared to the D800/D800E)

Nice but incremental.

  • sRAW

This is what a lot of people have been asking for.

I wonder why. I really do.

  • 4k video is unlikely
  • No Built-in Wi-Fi

These are sort of essential these days.

Nah, WiFi is too slow.

  • Same AF improvements like in the D4s
  • Improved low light capabilities: one stop better ISO performance

I think these are unlikely. Especially the 1 stop better ISO part.

Maybe Nikon solved the amp-glow problem, add technical tuning and you could have 1 stop.

  • 4 centre autofocus points

Would be interesting to see what that is like.


Unfortunately no word on better LV or solving forced stop-down.

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