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Re: CANON or NIKON: it really doesn't matter

First please stick to OP question, while I agree that both canon and Nikon have their pros and con's, its better to study your needs from a camera vs what each of the system may provide you, and this points to their lens lineups rather than minor differences between the camera body offerings. Second, I'm amazed at the maturity of some posters' response as opposed to giving OP a simple answer that actually helps the OP rather than self- promoting one's "talent", really think to yourself for a second, if one truly believes one's talent is the only important factor here, there is no point for those " masters" in photography to owning a DSLR or the equivalence as opposed to a cell phone or point and shoot camera in the first place, the reality is no matter your talent or skill level you are at, a camera is just a tool in the end, but the better and more feature-rich tool in the same hands will always yield better results, to imply one's talent is the only thing matters is not insulting OP, but rather showing your immaturity by indirectly insulting OP's "talents", although its hard to quantify one's talents to begin with behind the computer, but maturity does show here somehow.

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