Crop Factor, Low Light and Aperture with m4/3 lenses? Part 2

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Re: Perceived as more important?

Sergey_Green wrote:

Anders W wrote:

They were essentially the same res so that differences in this regard wouldn't complicate things. The poll was about signal-noise performance in the highlights and midtones (SNR 18%) versus signal-noise performance in the darker tones (DR). The latter was perceived as the more important factor by the large majority. Here's the poll report:

Just last week there was a thread about ND Grads vs Bracketing where most responder consistently (and persistantly) agreed they would not use filters for landscapes, but would prefer bracketing instead. Yet noone could post images (on that very same thread) as nearly as good as the poster who prefers to use filters almost exclusively,

Look who's talking. You don't even use GND filters yourself. Odd, isn't it, that he was never able to explain why/how an optical GND filter was superior to the digital solution? Since you established in that thread that you don't know anything about GND filters or merging+masking in PS, why don't you take one of goWex's classes and then take one of John Paul Caponigro's classes and report back to us on which of the two has a deeper understanding of the issue.

Most on this forum will insist they will stop the lens down to infinity when photographing macro (because it is an inherent advantage of the cropped formats), even the closeup and macro "specialist" himself once almost "taught" this,

Yet it is rather common not to stop the lens down past f/11 (f/5.6 on mFT) for most pleasing closeups compositions, and this has been demonstrated enough times on the forum as well.

Ironic, isn't it, that of the most recent (Summer 2014) close-ups you've posted to your site, the better ones are f/16 (one is even f/45?).  The ones at f/11 all exhibit problematic OOF issues on the flower-subject.  Oh well, live and learn...

The efficiency of the sensor is claimed to be present across the entire range

Yet we know at the most common level of (the perceived by us) light it is usually not there (SNR18%). Several people observed and pointed to it on the poll thread as well. Here was my post,

In essence it made no difference for any practical purposes whatsoever, yet someone who can not hold his camera straight knows all about it and how it's all supposed to mean something at the end. I mean, asking for dillydally entertainment, what other joys (other than going out and enjoying the day) would someone with the camera have. (Think twice before you think you know the answer).

And what joys do you have constantly hanging out in a forum for a format you don't even shoot? (Think twice before you think you know the answer.)

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