Sony's new curved sensor - this is a big deal

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well not quite ...

Well the truth is the sensor will still only have a fixed curvature and right now its only curved on one axis , and lens is curved on all axis. Not to mention the sensor is having a fixed curvature thus its only applicable to a fixed focus lens of said compatible focal length and only allowed that imaging to be designed for along that curved ( usually long ) axis.

So saying it will be game changing for the said field is perhaps over stating, but as a technology it can be applied to specific setup, and also applied with other technology advance. I can imagine smartphone camera module with curved sensor in ( large for smartphone ) large sensor configuration together with a complement and compatible lens. Or it can be used for our concerned photography ( and non pro need video ) in say a 1" sensor in a fixed lens camera with a fix focal length lens of shorter focal length ( say a 10mm/2.4 ) which can tthen be designed to take advantage of the sensor.

In short the curved sensor need a compatible lens and if that can be furnished it can made a combo.

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