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Re: ILC and curved sensors

moffatross wrote:

Mike Fewster wrote: I think (might be wrong) that mlenses of a different design plus correction software would allow a camera with a curved sensor to use current ILC lenses with improved performance but for the ultimate performance would require specifically designed lenses.

A concave surface would be incompatible with focusing light from any lens which was designed to project an image onto a plane.

To prove it to yourself, grab an old, fast lens and a piece of white paper, point it at the view out of your window and project its focus onto the paper and then look what happens when you bend the paper. That's not something that software can fix.

I was also pleased to read that Sony's patent applications were for the techniques to manufacture fully concave image sensors rather than arced ones suggested by the OP linked image and which would have had dubious benefits, if any.


I stress that I am certainly no expert in this area and recognize that i may very well be wrong partly or totally. However. All lenses naturally give a circular image. They either produce an image considerably larger than the sensor/film capture area, which is used  for the formats we have in most photography, or the lenses have to start doing tricksy things at the edges and especially as we get further from the centre,the corners. Digital cameras require light to strike the receptors as close to directly as possible. This is really only achieved at the very centre of the image. On film, this doesn't matter, on digital, it does. ie, other specifical digital factors start to come into play as well as the resolving/correcting capabilities of the lens. Curving the edges (or at least some of the edges) improves that angle of incidence of the edge rays. I am theorizing that the gains here may be sufficient to offset losses from other causes and make it feasible to use regular lenses with a curved (slightly, and then only towards the edges rather than a full concave) sensor.

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