My review: Fuji X-T1 vs the Nikon Df

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Re: My review: Fuji X-T1 vs the Nikon Df

shigzeo ? wrote:

Dorkington wrote:

For those complaining about selections, here's a few more... not every situation does the Fuji win outright, but like I said, it's all about compromise.

Again, not saying Fuji is the "winner" here. It's all about what you value most. Want the highest of high quality? There's better options than Fuji, for sure. Want the smallest of the small? Again, there's better options. (though not seen here)

Please note, for the zooms, there isn't really a direct comparison for each camera, so I tried to choose what was the closest and available on's website. Don't shoot the messenger.

Following images from:,487.395,495.353,ga,t

~50mm equiv

~35mm equiv (edit, just noticed that the Nikon lens is a DX lens, whoops)

Base zoom. Chose the "consumer" grade Sony, and the smallest of the available full frame options on Camerasize, for the Nikon. The Nikon options were much larger than the Tamron option.

"Vacation lenses". Fuji's new 18-135. Sony's crop mount 18-200 PZ (no full sensor "vacation lens"), Nikon 28-300.

The FF options are hard to decide upon, but there does exist an older Nikon 28-200 lens, which roughly coincides to the Fujifilm one, though in equivalent terms, is faster. It is smaller and much less expensive but AFD, rather than AFS.

To coincide with the 18-55 Fujifilm, Nikon offer the 24-85, which is both wider, and in equivalent terms, offers a different image. It is not much larger than the Fujifilm lens.

Essentially, when put in as equivalent terms as possible, FF will generally be the same size, and often, much less expensive.

Was limited to what that site gave me, like I said.

I will note, that while there are full frame options that line up better and might be cheaper (Fuji glass is expensive), the one thing the Fujis tend to have going for them is optical quality across the frame. A lot of consumer grade full frame glass falls short on digital sensors, for obvious reasons.

It'll be interesting to see what comes of Sony's curved sensor technologies. Could help mitigate some of that.

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