Quattro marketing screwed up already?

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What is most important ...

What is most important is how the camera performs.

Other than that, it is of course a 20 MP camera.

Sigma, and some here in the forum, makes it too complicated. They are, referring to the CFA fud, prepared to juggle with figures without meaning. 29 MP or 39 MP or whatever can be motivated by counting transistors or comparing sharpness to other technologies or sometimes even taken out of thin air. The latter is today less common though, sign of some maturity.

The main reason of all this juggling is to have a number that is competitive to Bayer CFA numbers. I understand the need, but I surely do not like it. It is just confusing. And, it starts endless and fruitless discussions, between narrow minded people (like me that believe in correctness) and more open minded people (that believe that what is best for Sigma is what shall be used).

Just an example how wrong this arbitrary counting can be. Some think the number of detectors shall be equal to the number of pixels. Fortunately most have left this belief, but it was quite strong just some few years ago. With that view, the 45 MP Merrill is of course by far superior to the 30 MP Quattro. Or?

But, back to reality. In reality Foveon has a potential of being pixel sharp (whatever that means) and that can be seen in the new (inofficial?) sample images. They are VERY sharp, and it is 20 million of glorious pixels.

Bayer CFA will never achieve that, not even without AA filter and running advanced sharpening. The algorithms for doing Bayer demosaicing will always decrease accutance and will always have a problem to get full resolution for more fuzzy objects, like trees and grass. Mainly because Bayer CFA demosaicing needs a good model for what it shall demosaic to, e.g. a sharp edge or whatever. When it is fuzzy, algorithms are lost.

Foveon, on the other hand, do measure what it see. No need for algorithms that do interpretation.

But ... all this has nothing to do with pixel counting. It has all to do with image quality.

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