How to take better RX10 sports shots?

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How to take better RX10 sports shots?

How can I take better action shots than this lot taken on the weekend with my RX10?

Recently I was looking at these lacrosse shots and I really liked how clear and sharp they were and said then that I’d be trying to do likewise.

So I gave it a go and found that it's easier said than done e.g. just getting the shot in frame was tricky. I was trying different things including SF vs CF, continuous shooting mode etc and I wasn’t expecting masterpieces but when I got home and analysed mine I was a bit disappointed.

These are some of the better ones and often these were one of a sequence taken in continuous mode. But they are certainly not crystal clear and I’m not sure how much is due to being out of focus and/or high ISO and/or technique or whatever.

So I’m wondering if there’s specific things I did or didn’t do that might have improved things and would welcome feedback.

For starters my settings were quite a bit different to the lacrosse ones. Most were taken with S priority and choosing 1/1600. This gave me f2.8 but very high ISO’s – 2500 and 3200 (via Auto ISO)

Does 1/1600 mean that the ISO is simply too high for these sorts of shots?

Was I being too conservative using 1/1600? In hindsight I wish I’d thought to try slower SS options – but I didn’t.

Was there are another approach?

I was also never sure how to focus correctly. If the action was approx 30-50m away – would it be better to focus on say one player and assume that other players within a few metres of him would also be in focus?

Or would it be better to focus on a spot on the ground where you anticipated the ball would be and then shoot when the players got there?

Sometimes I tried continuous auto focus - but now I'm not sure which ones they were.

Anything else?

I'll accept all advice so don’t be afraid to say what you really think!

BTW - Last week I was tipped off that I had the wrong month set on my camera so I fixed that. And now I have to set the year to 2014!!

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