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Re: EPL-1 user thinking of upgrade

hockey guy wrote:

I have been using the EPL-1 for nearly four years. I used to shoot film with a Canon AT1 and loved it.

I chose the EPL-1 because I wanted a small high quality camera. I shoot only in JPEG. I do not want to be spending more time in front of a computer making adjustments and, in fact, I probably would not be any good at it. I confess that I am color blind! I have the VF-2 viewfinder, the original kit lens, the 45 mm Olympus, the 20 mm Panasonic, the 14-150 mm Olympus and the FL-36 R flash (which is too big for the body!)

I also own the Olympus XZ-1 (and can use the VF-2 with it as well.)

I mostly shoot while traveling, out with friends and in nature.

It has taken me a long time to get used to not having controls on the camera body as I did on my Canon. I find that I am slow to make changes on the fly. Even the XZ-1 has a dial around the lens.

So I am considering replacing the EPL-1. I am a bit torn because there is nothing wrong with the camera and I have become a bit more accustomed, gradually, to using the interface.

I am traveling in 12 days and wondering if I should replace the EPL-1 before the trip. I would need to order a replacement over the internet because there is not much in the way of local photo shops.

If I replace it, I guess I would stick with Olympus because I already have the lenses and I shoot only JPEG.

Any thoughts?

I am attaching a few relatively recent photos in case that helps.

ISO 200 15mm 0EV f/8 1/250

ISO 200 20 mm 0 EV f 1.7 1/3 (camera resting on surface, not hand-held)

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ISO 400 150 mm 0 EV f/11 1/200

ISO 200 150 mm 0 EV f5.6 1/500

The E-PL5 is probably the logical successor. Same excellent 16MP sensor as the E-M5 and highly configurable. I find that the ability to assign mysets to positions on the mode dial extremely useful and makes up for the lack of external controls.

That said the E-M10 has some advantages that may or may not interest you and is a similar price to the E-PL5 plus a VF-4

  • Can use flash and EVF simultaneously. Useful when using fill flash in bright conditiond.
  • Lack of AA filter should mean possibly better detail ?
  • Optional grip might make handling better.
  • Dual control dials for more direct settings for aperure/shutter speed and EC
  • Increased number of AF points (9x9 vs 5x7)
  • Proximity sensor automatically switches between EVF & LCD (pros & cons)

That on paper - I don't have an E-M10 myself. I haven't convinced myself that the above are worth trading in my E-PL5s. The first bullet is the one that carries the most weight for me.



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