The FZ1000 replaces the FZ8, FZ200, FZ70!!!!!

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Re: The FZ1000 replaces the FZ8, FZ200, FZ70!!!!!

John Miles wrote:

Mikedigi wrote:Personally, I am not about to dump my FZ200, 588 grammes, for any camera weighing 831 grammes like the FZ1000. I am much more likely to stay with the FZ200 and, say in a couple of years, buy a used FZ1000 as cheaply as possible, give it a whirl for a few months, then resell it on Ebay.

Sell it? Pull the other one Mike

I have been there several times with good DSLRs, they did not stay long, they were too big, too heavy, and a hassle.

Just pick it up, count to three, then try to put it down.

Watch me - but if you are right, I shall be happy anyway . . .

You may laugh at this, but the tiny FZ8 "needs its own upgrade".


OK 552g.

It's too close to an FZ8 replacement me thinks.

LOL! [twice]. Come on, John - this camera:

I would really love an FZ8 upgrade, under 400 grammes, with a 1/2.3" or 1/2.5" sensor, a 25-400mm lens, a combined manual+power zoom, a free-flight LCD and modern JPEG processing, but with RAW too.

That would be a jewel, a classic, a Mini-Cooper S, a Vespa Sport, an iPad Air . . . . . and I would sell something else to pay the price for it.

would be expensive. The LZ30 is a very cheap superzoom, probably excellent value, but in no way what I am talking about.


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