Which is your currency?

Started Jun 17, 2014 | Polls thread
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AndreaV Regular Member • Posts: 335
Which is your currency?

Hi! Sorry if this is a bit off topic for a photography gear forum, but I noticed that many people post question like "I want to buy a camera and my budget is 500."... ok, now, 500 what? $, €, pieces of gold, grams of salt, cows? So I got curious on which is the most common currency between the people here... so which one is yours?

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US dollar
30.7% 39  votes
22.0% 28  votes
British Pound
15.0% 19  votes
Japanese Yen
0.8% 1  vote
Chinese Yuan
0.8% 1  vote
Swiss Franc
2.4% 3  votes
Canadian dollar
4.7% 6  votes
Australian dollar
4.7% 6  votes
18.9% 24  votes
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