Post from FZ200 fans show disappointment in the FZ1000

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Re: Post from FZ200 fans show disappointment in the FZ1000

I was pretty sure that this wasn't the replacement for the FZ200 and then I started to doubt that proposition. The FZ1000 is the first camera that Panasonic has released in their "bridge camera" line that surpasses most of the things that the FZ200 does. It was obvious when the FZ70 came out last year that it wasn't a replacement, it had a huge zoom, but fell short in many other areas. The FZ1000 only falls short in two areas - outright reach and a non constant aperture, other than that its features are superior to the FZ200. The two areas where the FZ1000 falls short may be overcome by the bigger sensor, which will help negate the zoom and aperture advantages of the 200. In just about every other aspect that I can think of its way better than the FZ200. So once its on the market and the real world images start appearing, some nice person here will post some images showing that by cropping the FZ1000's image you can equal or exceed the FZ200, then I'll probably buy one. At the moment, its a very interesting camera and will probably be an excellent all rounder for many people, which could include me.

Another reason I thought it may not be the FZ200's replacement was the name. FZ1000 is not a sequential name for a camera that many thought would be the FZ250. So are Panasonic trying to separate this line from the current FZ series? If so, maybe there will be a true replacement for the FZ200 somewhere in the future, ie the FZ250.

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