Is the N1 the action/wildlife kit for me?

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Re: The N1 experiment begins

The nice thing is that even if you decide it's not for you, you'll be able to sell it for what you had in to it.

You were pretty quick on the purchase.  Had I seen this earlier, I would have sent a V1 with a lens or two down for you to play around with to see if you liked it.

One thing you DO want to pick up is one of the flashes.  Inside, you'll want it for sure, but they also work rather nicely outside as a fill flash (within reason...they're not very large).

I've said this before, but I think it perhaps is even more relevant for of the things I love about the 1 system in general and the V1 specifically is one of the things it's critics complain the most about....very little external control, and everything is menu based.  I've found I absolutely love that because it makes me pay attention to capturing the image, and not screwing around with my camera.

I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

All my long windedness aside, let me get to the most important part...........Thank you for your service sir.

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