Post from FZ200 fans show disappointment in the FZ1000

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Stephen McDonald
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Re: Giving Up Reach for Quality

phazelag wrote:

Stephen McDonald wrote:

Those like me, who have a 1,200mm lens with telex capability, would lose even more than FZ200 users with the FZ1000. But why give up the older superzoom models? They wouldn't bring much on the used market, so if I were to buy an FZ1000, I'd keep and use them both. I take a small backpack when I go photo shooting, so there's plenty of carrying room. It's also nice to have a backup camera with me. I've actually got six working superzoom cameras and one 10X plus telex camcorder and I've only sold one I no longer used.

It's like the difference between taking one child for a walk or taking two. A bit more complicated, but once you get the hang of it, not something that's really difficult. Three kids or cameras, can be a lot more problematic.

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I agree. I just gave my son my FZ200 as I am shooting with the RX10 a lot right now. I will still use the FZ200 for occasions. When I get the FZ1000 I will let me daughter use the G5 and we will be a photography family all sharing the same batteries! My littlest one shoots with my wifes old Casio SD900 which is still good today. It has the larger sensor. She is 5 but can operate basic functions and is getting good with composition for her age.

That's just great. Everything about her social and mental capacity will expand, with a demanding task like that to stimulate her development. For too many kids, there's such a bleak amount of such opportunity and a lack of encouragement by their parents to be creative. You'll be rewarded many times over for every good thing like this you make possible for them.

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