RX100 - Seiings to maximize JPEG output quality

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Re: My settings.

Glider2014 wrote:

Is sharpening at +2 still necessary for the RX100 M2?

RonAnnArbor wrote:

This is dead on -- I have put my sharpening to +2 as well, and it is absolutely necessary unless you plan to spend your time PP every single shot....

Out of the box, the RX100 does NOT sharpen sufficiently.

Although I do not like flat colors in my shots, so I do take most of them in Vivid. I find that compared to Canon and Panasonic, Sony just has dull colors. They might look "realistic", but they are not what I want in my shots, which I prefer to be loaded with color. The greens in standard are particularly too dull.

I shoot +2 sharpness but just because sometimes I like to download straight to phone and FB for sharing with family. I always shoot Raw and Jpeg so I can relook for any keepers and work on the RAW(PP). Also I see alot of peeps doing negative contrast. Im curious as to why?

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