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no replacement

Sammy Yousef wrote:

brucet wrote:

The beta Capture NX-D is a capable program which is free. For the moment! Not to be confused with Capture or View.

NX-D replaces Capture.

Not really the case in practical terms.  NX-D is something new (though in practical terms, it is more a replacement to ViewNX2) and CaptureNX2 is simply no longer to be updated or sold by Nikon. I know they said it "replaces" CNX2 but in practical terms that's just not true as NX-D doesn't do localized edits (as you could with CNX2) only global edits to the entire image.

Capture is not free. They've said nothing about NX-D being free after the beta. I'd guess they're planning to charge.

I'm not so sure

Perhaps they'll discontinue ViewNX too for incentive. Not saying it's definite but certainly wouldn't surprise me at all.

That's my thinking. ViewNX2 goes away and NX-D stays free...while we may see a true CNX2 replacement down the road. You might be right on the pricing though. That would be a bummer.

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