Seeking advice: Nikon Coolpix A or Canon EOS M?

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Seeking advice: Nikon Coolpix A or Canon EOS M?

Hi folks,

I thought posting this question in the DX forums since the "Nikon Coolpix A" sports a DX sensor and is thus aimed to the more enthusiast community found in the DX SLR forum I would guess-timate.

To my question, I came across a store having a clearance sale of some Nikon Coolpix A for around 440$. It got me quite inspired since from reading several user reviews and that one on DPreview this cam produces sharp results (apart from the mentioned vignetting) and excellent colour rendition in a compact body. Being a "high quality picture aficionado" myself this cam appeals to me also because of this no-frills look, and also being aware that it's a fixed lens cam at the same time, tempting me to explore this method of taking pictures.

Now on to another note I also found a blow-out sale of the Canon EOS M, including kit-lens 18-55mm for a steal of 220$(!!) The advantage to this one is being able to change lenses and the price, very obviously.

This got me thinking since I was fancying acquiring an APS-C cam in a compact body anyways and both fit the bill perfectly in terms of budget and form factor. At the same time, both have got their quirks; the Coolpix A having some vignetting issues in the corner and the EOS M being kinda sluggish in terms of auto-focusing.

So I'm kinda little bit lost here or rather: Having a little bit too much information which I cannot really keep apart to make a clear-cut decision yet when wanting to produce some clean, sharp, excellent colour-accurate out-of-the-box pictures.
Thus my question, which of these two cams would you folks recommend when my first choices are:

  • producing clean, sharp images
  • with excellent colour rendition also in low light (I love taking night shots)
  • and good noise handling at higher ISO settings (read: low noise )

As a side note, I was also wondering what fixed lens (f/2.8 or brighter) for the EOS M would produce identical imagery results as the Coolpix A in terms of sharpness?

Any expert advices are welcome.

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