My review: Fuji X-T1 vs the Nikon Df

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Re: My review: Fuji X-T1 vs the Nikon Df

km25 wrote:

Advantage to Nikon FF vs APS-C @ 16mp. The lens for the Fujion on an average are better then Nikon. The Nikon has an 85mm F/1.4 or even the F/1.8, great lens. But then the Fuji has the 56mm F1.2. The Fuji has the 23mm F1.4, better get the Sigma. Lens are a very good, but the edge would have to go to Fuji. No vertical grip for the Nikon, MF, no interchangable focusing screens, I owned Nikons, there should bring back the P screen. Trouble with low light AF. And biggest, to me fault with the Nikon, it has a AA filter. Bottom line the Df makes good pictures, it's operation can stand improvement. Correct all the above, then I may think about it.

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I don't understand where Fujifilm lenses get the 'edge' vs equivalent Nikons. They are very nice, and operationally, can be somewhat more straightforward. But in terms of raw performance, there isn't a hair's width between them when compared to equivalents.

Nikon 85/1,8 and the Fujfilm 56/1,2 perform roughly equally, both giving ground in certain areas. The only area Fujifilm are ahead is in the 14/2,8 vs the ancient Nikon 20/2,8 lens. But then again, 14 gives the look of a 21/4, which on FF, should be smaller and equally as optically corrected as the 14/2,8.

Fujifilm have to put a lot more resources into building lenses to match FF because each effectively is a wider angle. It must be faster in order to achieve close to the same equivalent look, and in 100% of the cases, is more expensive than its FF equivalent.

I love the 35/1,4. Sharp, good OOF rendering, and on the X-T1, handsome. But it's doing the same basic thing as the 50/1,8 despite being effectively an ~f2 lens.

It's not about 'better', it's about better for you or for someone else.

I think Nikon are doing a disservice to their customers by continuing to build massive dSLR cameras when they could use the traditional size of the FE/FM as the base and build out from there. Using staple lenses (and building out classic focal lengths), they would have an enviable FF system if only they got away from the idea that dSLRs have to be massive. The Df is a great idea, but in practice is way too big.

The X-T1, being the size of an FE, is perfect. I just wish Fujifilm would design truly compact lenses in addition to their moderately fast (in equivalent terms) options.

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