Quattro marketing screwed up already?

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Re: Quattro marketing screwed up already?

Results matter the most.

But beyond that, what helps is a CAREFUL reading of the descriptive material presented by Sigma. In that material the idea presented is that the 20MP top layer contains about the same number of luminance detail "pixels" as would be present (meaning green pixels) in a 39MP CFA/Bayer sensor. That is the essential basis for the 39MP equivalent claim by Sigma, and it makes sense when considered in that light. It will be a reasonable claim IF the RESULTS bear it out. Simply saying "39MP" or putting it in writing does not make it true.

A secondary assumption is that saying "39MP Bayer" means something of roughly equivalent size to the APS-C sigma sensor. Will the APS-C Foveon be as good as  39MP Bayer FF sensor? Well, we don't know, but just being bigger does a lot to improve sensor performance, other things being equal. As they never are.

Finally, of course, we would hope, and assume, that Sigma has done some limited testing of the resolution/sharpness of the new sensor so that this 39MP claim isn't completely without foundation in terms of results. It is possible that in regard to these claims that Sigma is being conservative. Better if that is the case.

None of this seems to me a failure or even a mistake in marketing. Both the Bayer CFA and quattro approaches are complicated systems and require a complicated analysis, which is why people generally focus on a simple metric, the number of pixels, a metric that is not very good, perhaps, but at least it is simple.

It is possible that in this change of the sensor some important information is being lost, hopefully not very much, because the goal is to avoid creating, then having to process, and then discard, unnecessary information. Hence the term also used in Sigma's information,"file bloat." Personally I like that phrase, as it sounds uncomfortable, and certainly something to be avoided. Who would ever look forward to file bloat?


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