Sony's new curved sensor - this is a big deal

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Re: Sony can't afford to launch another lens system...

Ron Poelman wrote:

for some time yet.
Marketing wise, the paucity of quality, native glass for the E/FE series
has done them no favours; especially when no one at Sony
ever gave a firm commitment to A-mount for (say) another 10 years.
They need to re-establish their fan base, before disenfranchising them again.
They know it too, there seems to be a "full-time" offer of a
free lens adapter for every @7 sold to cover the obvious gap.
Curved is all very well, but unless it brings something
radically better to the table (like SLT), it will just be more tech.
Give the current, affordable, hammer blow of the @77Mk2, @99,
(and the 36mp @99Mk2 ?) plus all that A-mount glass,
it will be a very big call.
Time to grow your market, Sony, not try to buy it (again).

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Volunteer, what could possibly go wrong ?

Who knows what Sony is trying to achieve - maybe increased market share?;-)  They certainly could use some. As you've in effect said, what they really need is a sense of where they're going. Sony seems to be going in all directions at once.

The topic came up here:

And the reply by mclark is interesting.   And I have a feeling that they guy has some good points.

Big question:  who is going to buy into the curved sensor if it makes the millions of existing lenses redundant.   At present, most of us can use any number of lenses from a pretty good list of manufacturers; some better than original equipment.

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Glenn NK

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