Crop Factor, Low Light and Aperture with m4/3 lenses? Part 2

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Re: Crop Factor, Low Light and Aperture with m4/3 lenses? Part 2

Truthiness wrote:

All physical lenses have aberrations, do they not? The more these aberrations are enlarged, the lower the resulting image quality will be, thus there is need for better quality lenses when the enlargement is large. Also this is usually the case. I am quite certain the average m43 lens draws more linepairs per millimater on image plane than the average full frame lens because it needs to do that to be competetive.

How good a lens for different formats can be? There are many variables involved, some beneficial to small, some to the big - smaller elemets are easier to make close to perfect, on the other hand tolerances for larger formats are much larger, not just for the optical elements, but also for their mechanical positioning.

Also, for the same total light, the rays have to be bended more for a smaller lens, which creates additional problems. We still have to use the same glass with the same index of refraction though.

Can I give you precise and simple answer how much smaller image circle influences which points in lens design and manufacturing, no I can not. But it is not just a reasonable statement due to the significant differences in enlargements, manufacturing tolerances and so on. I think there was a topic on this issue in the Techology/Science forum recently with much more qualified people than me involved.

+1. Whatever the reason, higher resolution with larger sensors is a fact.

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