Crop Factor, Low Light and Aperture with m4/3 lenses?

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Re: I found this video helpful

Glen Barrington wrote:

Levan wrote:

Glen Barrington wrote:

This video, while being correct, is very missleading for a begginer. It tells the truth, but not all of it. The reason, at least for me, is uknown. Beware, if you don't have enough information already.

Saying it is incomplete without saying HOW it is incomplete seems unfair to the OP and to us all. How is it incomplete?

Sorry folks for late response.

As for the answer, put everything aside, it comes to statistics, while not only this.

Ok. Let me put it this way And this is one of the examples.

after watching this video 12 amatuer photographers contacted me and asked about it. They suggested, that 2.8 apperture on m4/3 equals to 5.6 on FF not only in terms of DOF, but in terms of exposure also.

In this video Tony explains the total light gathering ability of the sensor, but never mentions, that smaller sensors need less light to get the sensor exposed. He did not explain it the way, the begginer would understand. Only people who I saw understood his video the right way, are those who knew all this details even before watching the video. All the rest of the users were confused and felt really cheated.

non of the manufacturers claimed, that their 12-35 2.8 lens is the same as 24-70 2.8 FF. Only thing they claim is 12-35 (FF eq. FOV 24-70).

this lenses are not 24-70 2.8, nor 24-70 5.6. They are 12-35 2.8 with FF eq. FOV of 24-70.

All in all, none of the begginer photographers around me (and there are plenty of them) understood the video the right way. For them, this video was more confusing, than the marketing claims of the manufacturers mentioned by Tony as "cheaters".

P.S. This is only one example.

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