Is the N1 the action/wildlife kit for me?

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Re: Is the N1 the action/wildlife kit for me?

pwilly wrote:

Texchappy wrote:

I've been trying to balance system(s) to fit my photography needs for a bit now. I'm a wounded warrior with now limited arm strength. I've found myself lately wanting to get more wildlife shots (prairie dogs/burrowing owls/etc). I'm also finding that my youngest boy is getting interested in sports (both inside and outside).

Thank you for your service. In Alaska you probably don't need long tele to get up close and personal, and ~300mm with the 110 should get you there. You may decide to get the 70-300 later.

I started out with film D-SLRs and then had a D40 for quite a while. I started to look for a lighter camera rig as my arms began to tire quickly using my D40 (even with the cheap kit lenses I had). My journey has gone from a short stint with an OM-D E-M5 that was returned (defective) to a Fuji X Pro 1 that I love but can't keep up with long/fast shots to getting another DSLR (Canon T4i) and resigning myself to the weight.

The someone suggested the Nikon 1 system to take a look. It seems to hit a lot of the boxes. I know that high iso performance could be a problem and I have to consider that. I'm not as concerned about DOF so much.

The high ISO performance is overblown, it is 71% of the sensor diagonal of m4/3 so it is OK, just not FF.

The CX sensors were close to Micro 4/3 sensors 3 years ago When the V1 was basically up against the E-P3 GH2 and GX1, but Micro 4/3 sensors have improved far more in the past 2-3 years (as has the Sony 1" sensor) than Nikon 1 sensors have. What used to be a small differential is now at least 1 stop of High ISO sensitivity, and close to 2 stops of DR. Micro 4/3 sensors are closer to the Nikon DX sensors than they are to the Aptina 1" sensor nowadays. Which isn't to say that the entire camera is, but certainly the sensor is.

That being said, at ISOs up to 800, maybe 1600 in a pinch, the Nikon 1 system is quite useful, especially when shooting action.

As I try to weight the Nikon 1's, it seems to boiled down to AF speed and image quality. So just how good are these?

I find myself using the N1s way more than my D700, they fit, they are light, and the IQ is fine. Performance wise, with fast moving objects the V1 keeps up with my D700, and that is really good.

Bonus question: the S1 is the least expensive 'buy-in' to the system; will it give me a good taste of what the system can do before investing more heavily into a V2/V3 and lenses?

I would suggest a refurb or used V1, adorama has it with the 10-30 for $250. It is much more than the S1 and the viewfinder is useful!

Get a 30-110 refurbished and I'll bet you sell off, or pass down to the kids all your other gear. It is that good!!

I would agree that the V1 is a better entry point than the S1 is. Cost-wise, a used V1 body in very nice condition can be gotten for under $200 without much difficulty. And the 30-110mm lens is just a really fine inexpensive telephoto lens in any case.

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