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Re: E-PL1 upgrade

I have also used an E-PL1 with VF-2 for the past 3 years, I also shoot almost exclusively jpeg, and I recently got the OMD EM10.

For me, these are the main differences between the cameras:

1) integrated EVF that does not get grainy in low light (as the VF-2 does on the E-PL1)

2) control dials instead of all buttons (though these have become second nature to me on the E-PL1)

3) noticeably faster autofocus

4) better image quality at high ISO, though at ISO 200 I don't see much difference (but I shoot jpeg - maybe the improvements many people claim are only evident in RAW or maybe I'm just not discerning enough)

5) more accurate auto WB in low light, especially artificial indoor lighting

6) EM10 is smaller than the E-PL1 with the VF-2 attached

I can strongly recommend the EM10, but I'm too fond of my E-PL1 to get rid of it (and it's not worth enough to sell anyway), so I'll be holding on to it as well.

I also handled the EP5, and although that is a very nice body with some advantages over the EM10, the integrated EVF and more compact size of the EM10 were a better fit for my needs.

I personally would give myself more than a few days to get acquainted with a new camera before taking it on a trip. The controls on the EM10 are different enough from those on the E-PL1 that they take some getting used to. I needed several days of playing around with the EM10 to decide how I wanted to customize all the buttons, dials, etc. Also, the EM10 is a more complex instrument than the E-PL1, with additional features and functionality that need to be learned. But that's just me. Some people might enjoy learning a new camera in daily use on a trip.

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