Quattro marketing screwed up already?

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Re: Quattro marketing screwed up already?

Truman Prevatt wrote:

Scottelly wrote:

In the description of the DP2 Quattro at B&H the resolution already looks very confusing.

Maximum resolution is stated as "5424 x 3616" under "Specifications" . . . but in the "Overview" there is this statement:

"The Sigma dp2 Quattro Digital Camera combines the 29MP Foveon X3 Direct Image Sensor with the TRUE III image processing engine to create high quality images with an equivalent resolution of 39 megapixels due to the unique sensor design. This method uses layers of pixels to capture the color data of the red, green, and blue spectrums vertically, requiring no interpolation. This results in a sharper image with better color gradations."

5424*3616=19,613,148 pixels - that defines the resolution since that defines the spatial sampling. Of course the Q is not a 29 MP sensor when it comes to resolution since that is defined by 5424x3616 - the spatial sampling - nor does it have an "equivalent (equivalent to what?)" resolution of 39 MP.

B&H is in business to sell cameras. Look at all of their descriptions of all their products - there is a lot of marketing going on. However the Q camera has does 29 million detectors. They have picked up on the market line that Sigma used when advertising the DPXM and SD1M as 45 MP sensors when in reality the sensor resolution is defined by the 15 MP locations counting each of the three detectors at each location.

It's probably best to give it a rest - since this marketing has been going on a long time. If it sells more cameras - B&H will be happy.

What I'm saying is that Sigma should be advertising the camera as a 39 MP camera, like the sharp JPEG images out of it are, and though I do think they should disclose that the sensor is a 29 MP sensor, I think they should stress the 39 MP images and the 39 MP equivalence. You ask, "equivalent to what?" It is equivalent to a 39 MP Bayer pattern CFA sensor camera. That's the idea anyway. The SD1 and other Merrill cameras have become accepted as equivalent to twice their "spatial sampling" resolution, when compared with typical CFA sensor cameras (meaning most reasonable people admit that it's at least equivalent to about 30 MP), so it makes sense that a Foveon sensor camera with 19.6 MP "spatial sampling" resolution would be equivalent to a typical 39 MP camera, right?

Of course the proof will be in the final results, but if the camera makes 39 MP images that look sharp, and not all blurry, then I think they should concentrate on marketing the camera with that 39 MP number, rather than confusing things by throwing in a whole bunch of numbers right in the beginning. Sure . . . talk about the 19.6 MP native raw resolution, even though the sensor technically captures 29 MP of data . . . but those numbers are not the most important ones here. The 39 MP definitely IS.

Of course, this is just my OH SO HUMBLE opinion.

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