Post from FZ200 fans show disappointment in the FZ1000

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Not sure what this means, but I think you took my title the wrong way. I am bad at titles. I am not preferring one over the other. I applaud progress.

Your original title was spot-on - it's just surprising that so many who have lauded and defended the FZ200 over the past two years were for some reason disappointed with this announcement. I think we can all agree that this is largely sensor-envy. And every one of the FZ200 users would be happy to stick their lens in front of the FZ1000 if it were possible.

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Thanks Bruce,

the other part of not seeing each other in person is we spend more time clarifying our meanings.  This  actually has helped me try to be more clear on what I mean in person too.

I a few years ago I would have said agreed about sensor envy, but I think most people really are not like that.  I think people just come from a space based on their experiences that make them prioritize their needs and wants differently.

I think for some people who truly understood what the FZ200 was capable of and used it for wildlife, probably just want more of that.  More reach, more light, less noise!  The FZ1000 gives us probably the same reach with less noise.  Shutter speed versus ISO I am not sure.  But I am guessing the FZ1000 will get the cleaner image.

My LF1 is way cleaner at ISO 1600 than the FZ200, so thats a middle ground I would love to see explored and pushed.

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