Post from FZ200 fans show disappointment in the FZ1000

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Re: I am not disappointed, I was surprised

I've been following some of the recent posts, and there is a lot of threads comparing the FZ200 to the FZ1000, and trying to figure how to get more reach or 'equate it'

I think most people are forgetting something important. The FZ1000 is not the replacement model for the FZ200, but rather for the FZ50.

The FZ200 successor is not here yet, just like there was a gap between the FZ50 and FZ1000, there will be long gap for the FZ200. It's futile to compare and then end up arguing a camera that isn't supposed to be doing isn't doing it.

The successor to the FZ200 will either have greater reach (900mm) at aperture f 2.8, and probably a bigger sensor (2/3'), though I feel it won't be the 1' inch, otherwise it would just cut into the sales of the FZ1000.

Just my opinion, I'll check back on this post a year from now


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