Sony's new curved sensor - this is a big deal

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Re: Sony's new curved sensor - this is a big deal

brownie314 wrote:

If Sony can get it right (make it manufacturer at a "reasonable" price) this could be a game changer bigger than all of this mirrorless stuff (actually, many of will argue that mirrorless wasn't really a game changer - but that is another topic).

This has the potential to make it possible to put really small, simple lens designs on bodies and have IQ on par with the most expensive glass available.

I'd guess the big issue maybe that sensors and lenses need to be matched together to make such a system work, indeed I could potentially even see zooms causing issues. That Sony didn't look to use this sensor with there own FF mirrorless system does tend to suggest there maybe problems.

I spose if sensors really started to come down in price it also made lens design cheaper then it might make sense to create a system like the Ricoh GXR with linked sensor/lens units.

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