Bragging about our expensive mirrorless/DSLR vs a point and shoot

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Bragging about our expensive mirrorless/DSLR vs a point and shoot

Well, i know what a point and shoot can and cannot do, but i will admit i had a pretty embarrassing moment this weekend.

I had my XE1, and, well, my friends always compliment the look of the camera, and they think is very expensive. Two things happened to me this pass weekend. First, my friends and I went to the beach. I was adjusting the XE1 the best i could so that i can get my friends well exposed, with the sun behind them on the background and the water and the blue sky with some white clouds. I have been here before, so I knew what i was getting into, so i was shooting RAW. I was trying all sort of things to have the camera properly set up and i also had the pop up flash on. Well, i thought i was getting "good results".

Then, my friend asked me: "oh please take a photo with my camera". She had a cheap $125 dollar point and shoot Sony. I took the photo and when i checked it on the LCD my jaw drops!!

That same photo with the beach behind everybody, and the sun and water and white clouds was NOT over exposed, but most importantly, my friends were PERFECTLY exposed in the front and i just could not believe it. My wife looked at my XE1 photo and she asked me why my photo was way way darker and why we could barely see everybody in that photo. All i said is that i probably did something wrong. She told me: "the other cheap camera takes better photos than your $1K one". I just shook my head.

Then we go out to dinner in a restaurant, and i am trying to lock focus but i can't, it is not completely dark, but the lights are dimmed enough that the camera cannot lock focus on people's face. All i said was: "sorry guys but my camera is not locking focus", all they said was: "what??".

My question is why can't my XE1 take a better photo in the beach scenario, but the cheap $125 Sony point and shoot can? Something doesn't make sense here.

As to the AF lock for indoor shots, well, i already kind of knew that was going to happen

Just right now as i am writing this i am thinking that maybe the XE1 does have a SCENE mode for the beach situation? I don't have the camera with me right now, but i do remember the X10 does have different in-camera scenes. Can you guys verify this from the top of your head? I will check the manual as well and maybe some of those scene modes give me the output i am looking for certain situations.

If it doesn't, then what i'll have to do is take my external flash ALL THE TIME, which is not very comfortable. Either that, or i might just start looking for a newer body. In the end, i don't just want a great looking camera, but one that works better or at least the same as as my friend's point and shoot  

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