RX100 Digiscoping. ~160X zoom for the win?

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RX100 Digiscoping. ~160X zoom for the win?

I decided to give Digiscoping a shot.  The RX100 is a decent camera for doing so, with its portability, good image quality, and the right amount of zoom to overcome vignetting.  So I bought a cheap scope for 170 bucks, the Alpen 728.   I figure I will use the scope by itself some, but not enough to invest in a bigger or more expensive one.

This thread is to give you a realistic picture of what it would look like, and for those whose RX100 is their main camera, to maybe see viability of digiscope vs a huge lens DSLR/mirrorless or Superzoom.

The setup is fairly easy to assemble.  The 20 dollar Cabela's adapter was used and I believe it will work well with pretty much any scope.  And its cheap.   RX100 battery was dead so I couldn't show the lens extended.  But basically you extend the lens, zoom in, then put the scope in so it touches.  The Scopes always have rubberized eyepieces so no worries about damage.

Alpen 728 small scope with Cabelas adapter.

Top View.

I also have an SX260 Travel Zoom with 20x which we will use for comparison.  NO POSTPROCESSING whatsoever has been done on these. Except for RAW conversion at default DXO parameters.
I did two examples.  One of a statue that was several hundreds of feet away, which would be affected by atmosphere,etc.   The second of a strawberry plant only 25 feet away or so.

First is the Wide angle view of the statue on the RX100 by itself. As you can see, its pretty far off and you likely can't even see it...its under the middle tree.

RX100 wide angle view of statue.

With the 3.7X zoom of teh RX100. Still quite far and very little detail possible.

RX100 3.7x zoom of statue.

Next is the 20x zoom of teh SX260. Taken on a different day since I forgot to that this reference shot, hence the perspective change. I guess they moved the statue slightly.

SX260 travel zoom at 20X of statue.

Now, we do the Digiscope setup with the RX100 at 3.7X and the Scope at 15x.  These actually MULTIPLY together for an effective 55.5X zoom.

Now we crank the scope up to 45x.  The loss of light really hurts the image quality.

At super long distances, atmospheric conditions become a problem. At full view you can see the 45x is pretty fuzzy and the 15x is alright, with definitely color fringe.


Sony RX100
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