Quattro marketing screwed up already?

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So what?

I don't see a problem. The numbers can be a bit confusing. On the other hand, they can be understood.

19.6MP RAW from the 19.6MP top layer and the 4.9MP middle and bottom layers. No Bayer interpolation but a chroma subsampling (or 2x2 averaging).

About 39MP resolution equivalent to Bayer. A factor of 2, nothing new here.

And about 29MP if you count all sensels individually, as Bayer usually does.

That there are different resolutions due to various aspect ratios is not uncommon as well.

I definitely hope that people use other reasonings to buy a camera than the MP counts.

Amazing what concerns you and others have....?! The posts I see in this forum would keep me from buying a DP2Q more than some unimportant sales texts of some online stores. I hope potential newbies to the Foveon don't start from here.

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